squid as proxy for ssl-webserver?

From: Santini de Sigel, Irene <santini@dont-contact.us>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 10:42:36 MET


 I installed squid v. 1.1 as accelerator and proxy to
 use it as a secure proxy (for ssl-apache v. 1.1.3+1.3.ssl)
 It works ok with a "normal" webserver for urls of type http://...,
 but not for https://... urls. I think that is ok, as the "normal"
 webserver does not understand "https".
 When using squid with a ssl-webserver, I have the following
 - with both https://... and http://... squid says:
   "Connect: Host my_host:port contacted. Waiting for reply... "
   and does nothing. It does not even write to the logs.
 How shall i configure squid.conf to work with a ssl-webserver?
 How or when is ssl_proxy used? It does not seem to work with my
 configuration of squid. Is it only used when squid is behind a
 (TAG ssl_proxy: specify the hostname and port number where all SSL
 requests should be forwarded to.)
 What about
   acl SSL_ports port 443 563
   acl CONNECT method CONNECT
   http_access deny CONNECT !SSL_ports
 What I understand is that squid should deny all "CONNECT" that do
  not go through the SSL_ports. Right?
 The "release notes for v. 1.1" say: Squid supports SSL.
 What does this exactly mean?
 I read all the documentation I found online, but I don't how to
 configure my squid for the ssl-server.
 What am I doing wrong?
 Thanks a lot in advance!
 Irene Santini de Sigel
 ZADI / Abt. Entwicklung
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