Re: what conf for central proxy-only squid ?

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 97 09:48:19 -0800 writes:

> Runnig squid 1.1.8, we have setup several internal cache for separate
>Departments, and they seems to be working just fine with icp.
> But now we would like to get our central squid proxy connected to the outsid
>world doing only proxy job without any cache (as the inside squids do that).
> I went through squid.conf, docs, FAQ and users-digests but I was unable to
>find any piece of information about that.
> Did anyone already set that kind of configuration up, or has any idea about
>how to do it (I would like to keep using Squid, but...) ?

From squid.conf:

    # TAG: cache_stoplist
    # A list of words which, if found in a URL, cause the object to
    # immediately removed from the cache. In other words, use this
    # to force certain objects to never be cached. You may list this
    # option multiple times.
    # The default is to not cache URLs containing 'cgi-bin' or '?'.
    cache_stoplist cgi-bin ?

    # TAG: cache_stoplist_pattern # case sensitive
    # TAG: cache_stoplist_pattern/i # case insensitive
    # Just like 'cache_stoplist' but you can use regular expressions
    # instead of simple string matching. There is no default.

You probably want to use

    cache_stoplist_pattern .

Duane W.
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