Re: Squid vs Apache

From: Ricardo Galli <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 22:16:21 +0100 (GMT+0100)

On Wed, 12 Mar 1997, Bill Benedetto wrote:

> I don't really want to start any wars (seems unlikely since this
> is "squid-users" :-) but I am curious about the differences
> between apache and squid.
> Why would I choose one over the other? Personally, I have found
> that squid proxies gopher -- something that apache doesn't do. I
> realize that squid can exist in a cache hierarchy (of sorts).
> But but are there other reasons why I would prefer squid over
> apache?
> Thanks for any input.

A lot of difference!!!

Just the most important (aside of that Apache can not work in a

Apache does a fork for every conection, apart of being slower with a high
load (because there is not enough time for preforking), it consumes a lot
of memory and CPU.

There are a lot more reasons, I can write a lot of pages about*, but if
you really want to have a cache (even without joining any hierarchy), forget
Apache by now (we were using Apache before "meeting" Squid...)

*Disclaimer: I did not participate in Squid development, I am just a user.

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