Re: Squid vs Apache

From: Bill Benedetto <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 1997 16:31:52 -0500

Ricardo Galli wrote:
> Apache does a fork for every conection, apart of being slower with a high
> load (because there is not enough time for preforking), it consumes a lot
> of memory and CPU.
I'll buy that...

> There are a lot more reasons, I can write a lot of pages about*, but if
> you really want to have a cache (even without joining any hierarchy), forget
> Apache by now (we were using Apache before "meeting" Squid...)

But Apache does caching as well. Or are you saying that Apache's
caching is inferior to Squid's? And what else would you write?
Is there an online source that I might refer to? (If you don't
want to waste bandwidth you can just email directly...)

- Bill
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