Re: Squid vs Apache

From: Gerben Wierda <>
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 97 23:21:03 +0100

You wrote:
> I don't really want to start any wars (seems unlikely since this
> is "squid-users" < but I am curious about the differences
> between apache and squid.
> Why would I choose one over the other? Personally, I have found
> that squid proxies gopher -- something that apache doesn't do. I
> realize that squid can exist in a cache hierarchy (of sorts).
> But but are there other reasons why I would prefer squid over
> apache?

Quite simple! Apache is a HTTP daemon and squid isn't. Squid is just a
cache, it can't serve as a WWW-server itself. It can act as accelerator for
other webservers (u.w. Apache of course).

I can't comment on the speed of Apache, but last time I looked the cache
was far from complete and there was no visible development going on. Squid
otoh is working pretty well and is indeed about 10 times as fast as CERN
httpd. And I see active development (including a teensy bit of my own :-).

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