Re: Multiple disks (different sizes) and Squid cache

From: Brad Dixon <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 97 11:27:08

I'll but my two bobs worth in here.....

 The only way to successfully do this is to cobine all the disks into one large
filesystem.. Unfortunatly I do not know if this can be done on your Sun box but hopefully
you can.... This is how I do it here.

 Otherwise you will find that one disk will fill up quicker than all the others and when
this happens its all over...:)

>I mailed this before, but unfortunately i didn't get very much response
>(only 1 mail from Mr. Bekker, but he didn't knew a solution either).
>So i'm mailing it again, hoping that some one can help me a little.
>I plugged in two extra harddisks in our Sun Sparc 470 running Squid.
>Now i was wondering (in the light of a message earlier this week on this
>The old cache is on one disk:
> 1. c1t1d0 <CDC IPI 9722 cyl 1630 alt 1 hd 7 sec 156>
> /vme/pn@4d,1080000/ipi3sc@0,0/id@1,0
>And now i have two new ones, with different sizes:
> 2. c0t1d0 <CDC-94181-15-0293 cyl 1529 alt 2 hd 15 sec 52>
> /vme/ncr@3d,200000/sd@1,0
> 3. c0t3d0 <CDC-94181-15-7966 cyl 1503 alt 2 hd 15 sec 52>
> /vme/ncr@3d,200000/sd@3,0
>No.1 is a disk of 869 mb (of which 750 is cache), while no. 2 and 3 are
>550 mb. (1 IPI, 2/3 SCSI)
>And the question is now:
>'How do i correctly define my squid cache dirs now in the config ?'
>Coz, if i specify
>cache_swap 1750 (approx total of the three disks)
>cache_dir /squid-cache
>cache_dir /squid-cache1 (the places where they are mounted)
>cache_dir /squid-cache2
>I expect that Squid will divide 1750 by three and thus two disks will
>overflow, which of course is impossible.
> Squid this good that it determines automatically how big each disk
>is, and correctly assigns swapspace to each (i.c. 750,550,550).
>I read somewhere earlier this week that all cache dirs MUST be the same
>Is this correct and who can give me more info on this ?
>Maybe Duane himself ?
>(running Squid 1.1.6 on a SUN Sparc 470 wit 32 Mb RAM)
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