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>>Hello All,
>>I am trying to bring up 1.1.8; however, all DNS lookups fail -- even
>>though squid appears to initialize properly and the dns tests pass ( after
>>installation of Adrian Pavlykevych's patch). Our dns servers are operating
>>normally. I have made only the essential modifications to squid.conf. Any

>I had a similar problem, when bringing up 1.1.8 using a <=1.0 squid.conf.
>Didn't bother isolating it. Just used a fresh config. file from 1.1.8 and
>edited for our site. Problems went right away.

    Hmm... I'm using the squid.conf that came with the 1.1.8 distribution
-- We just brought up the Linux 2.0.29 kernel, and I'm wondering if there
might be some protection flags set wrong -- not obvious though.

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