More Broken DNS?

From: David J N Begley <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 23:07:44 +1000 (EST)

Testing a small Squid (1.1.8) under Linux, I wanted to *not* use
"dnsserver" children (ie., be satisfied with blocking DNS queries), so
accordingly I set "dns_children" to zero (0) as recommended in the config
file. Alas, this doesn't work! "squid.out" records:

   WARNING: Cache performance may be very poor
   WARNING: dnsservers are disabled!

whilst in "cache.log":

   97/03/18 23:44:52| Starting Squid Cache version 1.1.8 for i586-pc-linux-gnu...
   97/03/18 23:44:52| With 256 file descriptors available
   97/03/18 23:44:52| Performing DNS Tests...
   97/03/18 23:44:52| Successful DNS name lookup tests...
   FATAL: Failed to start any dnsservers
   Squid Cache (Version 1.1.8): Terminated abnormally.

"Aha!" says I, "I'll just patch around that!" Changing line 281 in
"dns.c" from:

      if (NDnsServersAlloc == 0)


      if (Config.dnsChildren > 0 && NDnsServersAlloc == 0)

got rid of the error and allowed Squid to continue, but then every request
failed with a DNS lookup error! Egads .. back to running with at least
one "dnsserver" process I guess...

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