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From: Michael O'Reilly <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 08:33:28 +0800

In message <>, "Da
niel O'Callaghan" writes:
> If unlinking expired objects is time consuming because of the constant
> inode metadata updates, it might be an idea to suggest to people with busy
> caches to 'mount -u -o async /cachedir' on those OSs that support it.
> Linux does not need this, apparently, because ext2fs defaults to async
> mode. Async mode causes the inode metadata to be written to disk at the
> next sync(), rather than immediately.

Ummm. those timings were taking on a linux system, that also had the
cache partitions mounted with 'no_atime'. (i.e. don't update the
access time in the inodes) which further reduces the amount of data

I'm not 100% sure why it's so slow, but I suspect is just that the
number of directories is high enough, and the access random enough
that the inode caching fails, and it ends up frequently waiting for
inodes to be loaded.

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