Re: squid doc's ver 0.3

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 13:08:28 +0200 (GMT)

Hi Will

> Major Suggestions:
> * Suggest you break down into logical sections (increasing user level):
> 1. what it is (how it works, why use it, squid the best, squid free)
> 2. where to get it (ftp source code)
> 3. getting it installed/compiled (what h/w need,systems supported,etc.)
> 4. configuration (including linking into a cache heirarchy)
> 5. fine-tuning your system (number of open file handles, DNS round-robin)
> * Mark up existing documentation, either tie it in or have links to it

I initially posted a "contents" message to the list, and got no feedback
(I think there was 1 message) on it. It was quite quickly drawn up, so the
above are valid.

> Minor suggestions:
> * Link the contents into the body of the page.
> * Explanation in "The ideas behind internet caching" needs to be fleshed out
> a lot (no clear explantion of how a cache performs)
> * Hypertext links in "Where do I get squid?" section
I was doing all of the work at home at night, so I had no definite links,
and I had no HTML references on how to do it ;)

> * Avoid <H4>, <H5> text! use <FONT SIZE="+x"> throughout - this is far
> superior!
Ah - I realised I was running out of things like <H6> ;)

> * You make a huge jump in who you're aiming the document at "How do I compile
> it?". (Doesn't it come with an INSTALL file you can refer to?)
Ok - related to major point 1 above? It comes with a very basic INSTALL
file - something around 10 lines long.

I think I didn't have squid on the machine at the time I did that (I did
all of the major markup in Navigator Gold in windows)

> * Explain "Cache hierarchies" (what is a cache heirarchy?). This section
> should be in a configuration part _after_ the compilation, surely?

It seems like it needs some revamping with an HTML reference in front of
me, and squid too.

I have been writing the whole thing sequentially, over many weeks with big
breaks. I will re-read my work and see if there is some way I can
re-structure - the above "basic, medium, complex" is good, but some of
the concepts are there because that's the order I remembered them in,
and others because the index is in that order.

Expect a re-structuring moderately soon.

Any other comments anyone wants to send me? It would be nice if the comments
came before the re-structure ;)

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