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From: Graham Miller <>
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:00:48 +1000

G'day from downunder, I've been lurking for a wee while and am a bit new to
this squid stuff but I have seen something that might help with these
kernel panics.

> The same squid has great problems to remain stable.
> In fact, it generates a kernel panic almost every 2 days.
> Ideas ?

Recently, I came upon a pentium running Red Hat Linux 2.x.x with real
instability problems which seemed to come from squid. The answer was in the
RAM configuration. The box had a 32MB 72pin single sided SIMM in the first
slot and a double sided (16MB from memory) in the second. Most machines
I've worked on don't handle this configuration (single/double sided).

Why does squid seem to be the culprit? From what I saw, it was the one that
used the upper sections of RAM most aggressively.

My suggestion is to look long and hard at your RAM ... then look at the
configuration once stability has returned.

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