Re: Hmmmm.

From: John Saunders <>
Date: 19 Mar 1997 13:20:00 GMT

Mark Treacy (mark@labtam.labtam.OZ.AU) wrote:
> We use "prestoserve" cards in our caches, and it is definately beneficial
> to performance, up to a limit. That limit is when you have so many writes
> to the disk that the (prestoserve) cache fills up. The system will them
> become limited by the rate at which the disk drives can sustain writes.
> The (prestoserve) cache coalesces some of the writes, but it can't eliminate
> all of the writes.

Is anybody running their Squid cache_dir on a journaled (or log) filesystem?
Apparently this type of filesystem has a better sustained write speed since
all writes are appended sequentially to the journal (log) rather than
randomly scattered over the disk. Does anybody know if checkpointing the
filesystem causes a noticable delay. One day Linux will have one of these
so I guess I'll be able to experiement then.

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