Squid Cache Manager Interface

From: Kate Patterson <kate@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 08:39:20 +0000

Apologies for any cross-posting and to any people I have already
contacted individually.

I am currently working on a project visualising cache contents, using a
squid cache. For design purposes I am trying to gather data about the
communication time of retrieving information via the cache manager
interface. I have a small program which mimics the behaviour of the
cache manager interface retrieving object summaries from the cache,
except that it simply times the transfer process and discards the

I am trying to obtain information on the comms times on the same host
and across the network.

If you run a Squid or Harvest cache and would have no objection to me
retrieving your cache objects please could you let me know. The
information I want to retrieve is the object summaries which contain no
personal data and cannot be associated with individuals. The data is
discarded as it is transfered - it is only the times I am interested in.
I would run the program at intervals for one day only - the load will be
no more than if you were to access the object summaries through the
cache manager interface.

If you do not have an open policy I can give you the IP address of the
machine I work from and keep you informed of my activities. I
desparately need this information and cannot obtain it without
co-operation from other cache owners. I need only to access the cache
objects and to know the size of the swap-space, and if known, the
average and peak access rates.

The data may be of interest to others and I would be happy to share my
results. The software we will ultimately develop will be freely
available to all UK Higher Education Institutes - so it could be in your
interest to help me make my design decisions!

Thanks in anticipation

Kate Patterson
Research Associate
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh, Scotland

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