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From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 22:53:52 +1100

In message <>, Stephane Bortzmeye
r writes:
>> Is anybody running their Squid cache_dir on a journaled (or log) filesystem?
>Some people tried Squid on Digital Unix with the ADVfs filesystem (which
>is journaled). It seems it's slower than UFS (which we use on the
>national cache).

actually, using advfs is inherently a bad idea for an application like
a proxy cache (or a news server, or any application with thousands of
files), due to its somewhat agressive cluster size allocations.

the adanced file system (adventure filesystem?) allocates 128 'pages'
for every new file on a filesystem. a 'page' is defined as anywhere
between 512 bytes and 16k. thus, you are needlessly wasting a great
deal of disk space.

whats more, with advfs, when you remove files, the space doesn't
necessarily become available again immediately. a journalled filesystem
like this will attempt to second-guess what is going on, and only
release space in larger chunks.

it does have a whole load of nice features, such as growing and shrinking
filesystems on the fly (even while people are using them!), striping,
journaling, fast crash recovery and cloning.



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