Re: Squid in 'offline'-mode ?

From: Stefan Monnier <>
Date: 21 Mar 1997 21:07:34 -0500

Duane Wessels <> writes:
> There is no specific offline mode. But if you disconnect
> or otherwise disable the network Squid always returns what
> is in the cache.

Has anyone similarily tried to turn refresh/miss into refresh/hit:
if an old page is accessed, the (stale) data is returned first and a refresh of
the data is done afterwards (instead of the usual refresh and reply with the
fresh data).
The idea is: most of the time I'm not so concerned about getting the very
latest version of a page, so even if it is old, I can make use of the data
currently available and if I need a more recent version, I'll fetch it again
later. So it reduces (hopefully) the average latency, while increasing
(slightly) the average staleness: exactly what squid is already supposed to do.

Rather than bluntly turning refresh/miss into refresh/hit, one could make the
thing fancier and define two levels of staleness.

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