Should I delete all the files in cache_dirs after deleting 'log' file in the first cache_dir ?

From: HJ Hwang <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 10:22:06 +0900 (KST)

Several days ago, the hard disk had a problem and we fixed it physically.
So squid had to start from the beginning.
After this happened, the cpuusage goes high and memory usage is also high than
I expect to do. And disk usage go high unlike what it used to be
(about 15 % higher) but the hitratio does not go better.
Why does the squid work like this ?
Now, I doubt that when log file in the first cache_dir was destroyed and
squid did work again, I should have deleted all the files in the cache_dirs.

Now It seems that 'log' file has the indices for the contents after
restarting squid and in the cache_dirs there are so many contents which
never will be fetched anymore.
I think these make the performance of squid lower.
My guess is right ?
Please let me know.

-Hyojung Hwang

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