Re: squid performance

From: Kip DeGraaf <>
Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 15:36:55 -0500

As a test, I'm running Squid 1.1.8 on an 8mb P-166 Linux box with a 500 meg
cache dir.

Surprisingly it runs quite well for just 8 little megabytes of RAM and
services about 20 lan connected users and another 15-35 dialin connected

In over a week's worth of testing, it's only run up a few minutes of CPU
time and the users think it's great.

At 07:45 PM 3/25/97 +0100, Bozzelli Davide wrote:
>I've a linux box with 47 mb ram.
>It run a dns server and squidcache.
>How much user it can serve without leak of performance ?
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