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From: random junk <>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 15:54:35 -0800 (PST)

i want to use squid to make two sites look like one. i think i can do this
with the URL redirect program option. the specific reason i want to do this is
to fake out the authentication.

here's the scenario...

one machine running apache
one machine running domino (a database/web beast from lotus)

somehow i will furnish both of them with identical username/password pairs
(that's a whole other nightmare - if anyone has any ideas/experience with this,
let me know).

in order to keep our users from seeing two separate login boxes, i want to make
the domino machine appear to be with the same
basic authentication realm. my fond hope is that this will fool the web browser
into transmitting the same username/password pair even though the pages are
really on two separate sites.

what i want to know is: will this work? is squid the right tool for the job?
does it pass authentication headers when the URL gets rewritten?

also, what is the average startup time for squid? i've installed it on IRIX
6.2 and started it up but it has just been sitting there for over 30 minutes
now without giving me a shell prompt back. i assume it's supposed to fork
itself off into the background like all good daemons and doesn't require me to
invoke it as squid&
Jon Drukman
System Administrator SpotMedia Communications
Received on Thu Mar 27 1997 - 16:23:14 MST

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