Re: host hiding

From: Stefan Monnier <>
Date: 27 Mar 1997 21:21:28 -0500

random junk <> writes:
> what i want to know is: will this work? is squid the right tool for the job?

Can't you just use apache's redirection features to do that ?
I have no idea how (if) it redirects authentication, but I'd first look into
this option before going for yet another deamon.
On another hand, Squid is nice to have around.

> does it pass authentication headers when the URL gets rewritten?

No idea, sorry.

> also, what is the average startup time for squid? i've installed it on IRIX
> 6.2 and started it up but it has just been sitting there for over 30 minutes
> now without giving me a shell prompt back. i assume it's supposed to fork
> itself off into the background like all good daemons and doesn't require me
> to invoke it as squid&

So you waited for 30 minutes, without trying to see if it works ?
without thinking "well, this one doesn't fork itself" (admittedly, most
daemons do, but not all. dnews doesn't either)

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