BIND 4.9.5 named loops on error "write failed 32", squid to blame?

From: Gerben Wierda <>
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 97 15:30:27 +0100

Sometimes, my named starts eating a lot of CPU time. When I start it
debugging with SIGUSR1, it starts writing messages "write failed 32" to the file as fast as it can (this implies that when debugging is
default on I have the risk that my file system will be filled up....".

It looks like there is only one place where this message originates from BIND:

named/db_glue.c, line 456

The message means that there is a broken pipe and it goes on and on.

BTW, I though 4.9.5 had solved this problem (from 4.8.3), but now it seems
this is not the case.

This problem has started appearing after I have started to run squid.

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