Re: Like to go without -g

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 09:38:11 +0200

Kyle VanderBeek writes:
> During compilation of squid, I noticed that it includes the -g flag for
> gcc. As far as I know, on all platforms that includes debugging code for
> GDB. One of the results is a much larger binary, which I don't like and
> would like to eliminate on my production server. Related to this I'd like
> to have the following questions answered:
> Is there a good reason to include -g that I am overlooking?
If it drops core you can debug it.

One of the negative things is that if you upgrade libc and only upgrade
the shared libraries it won't upgrade various things... (though this
isn't normally a problem, since gcc doesn't work properly if you upgrade
the one and not the other ;)

> Is there an easy way to tell the configure script not to include it or do
> I have to keep going through Makefiles and removing it after the fact?
I "vi */Makefile Makefile"... Please tell me if there is a faster way ;)

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