Re: unlinkd ??

From: Oskar Pearson <>
Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 12:22:04 +0200

Martin Ibert writes:
> Oskar Pearson wrote:
> > Try "cd /var/spool/mail;ls" some time
> > and you will see a pause before the files start to list - assuming
> > a big mail server...)
> Sorry to be splitting hairs, but when you do that, most of the time is
> spent sorting the output for display ... that is not what happens
> when you unlink() something. It's more like "cd /var/mail; ls -f | grep
> your_name".
hmm.. Ok. It has to get the whole directory listing before it knows the
longest file name and so on...

Never the less, I have typed this whole message while waiting for an
`ls -f` in the var/mail directories on one of our machines :)

time ls -f says:
4.69u 7.63s 2:20.57 8.7%

grin :)

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