Re: DNS Problem - shed some light

From: Cefiar <>
Date: Fri, 4 Apr 1997 19:16:49 +1000 (EST)

On Fri, 4 Apr 1997, David Richards wrote:

> I compiled it with "cc". This was because whenever I tried to compile it
> with "gcc" I got the error message, along with a couple of warnings, about
> a function __builtin_va_start It stumbled and died!!

Ok, question for you.. what exact Unix based OS are you running? ie:
release numbers, etc.

If it's System V (or anything like it) then it could be a buggy compiler.
I've seen things like this happen with network code.

In particular, the gcc compiler source states that some versions of cc
have bugs. There's usually 2 ways of calling cc, either from /usr/bin/
or /usr/ucb/. One of those 2 might be buggy, try fiddling with your path
to call the other (or explicity nominating them).

> That might help a little.

I learnt this the hard way, trying to compile GCC on a ICL-Fujitsu box for
work, running a very 'off' release of System V Rel 4.2

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