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From: Malcolm B.J. Garbutt <>
Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 20:41:21 +1000 (EST)

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, David wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am at present a squid user, but have downloaded the Netscape Proxy
> server for trial at the request of a few users.
> Does anybody have any experience with this software, and had any good,
> bad experiences? Comparisons with Squid would be good if anyone has used
> both
Yes I tried the Nt version and when ever a dialog box came up, like "log
file gettin full, etc,etc, the proxy software would halt until someong
pressed the enter button, where as squid (unix version) alloe=ws me to
start it from anywhere, also our old upline used it and very quickly
changed to squid after cern and netscape

> Apologies if this is slightly off topic, but I don't know where else to
> turn, and I know you guys tell the truth.
> Thanks in advance for any help given.
> Will summarise if people ask for it.
> David.

We appreciate any feedback.


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