Lost 450M disk cache.

From: Edwin Culp <eculp@dont-contact.us>
Date: Mon, 07 Apr 1997 19:31:39 -0500


Over the weekend I decided to configure a parent proxy. Squid 1.1.9.
Everything went well or appeared to. The parent seems to be working

I changed my configuration for the machine that I had been using for
testing to use the new machine as it's parent. I had almost 500 Mb
in disk cache. It all seemed to work fine. This morning I only had
500k in the disk Cache the rest had been deleted and the cache refuses
to go over the 500k barrier.

Some of the things I did:
        changed the refresh_pattern same on both machines. I was getting
        .49 with 1440 60% 14400. Greedy, I guess.
        "refresh_pattern . 2880 80% 14400"
        Added the parent
        "cache_host new.machine.mexcom.net parent 3128 3130 "
        "single_parent_bypass on"
        Raised Cache Memory from 32 to 48Megs
        "cache_mem 48"
Protocol ObjectCount MaxKB CurrentKB MinKB HitRatio TransferKB/sec
Transfercount Transfered KB
HTTP 10 427605 61 0 0.48
0 38061 322181

I can't find any other changes. I assume that the parent can't be
this. The configuration is basically the same. This is the major
No single_parent_bypass only 32M cache_mem y 1000M Cache_swap and
        "cache_host original.mexcom.net sibling 3128 3130 "

Thank you very much for any help.

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