Squid as a load balancer???

Date: 09 Apr 97 10:42:29 -0700

I have been using Squid now for a month or so as an HTTPD accelerator, and am
quite impressed with how its working and its managability.
In the 1.1 release notes there is some brief notes on the URL redirector. One
sentence says ". . . provides a mechanism to use a single Squid cache as a
front end to numerous servers on different machines". Is there any more
documentation on doing this?
Here's what Id like to do. I have an existing HTTP server running on a Sparc
Server 1000, and have just gotten a new Enterprise 3000. I'd like to duplicate
the 1000 system on the 3000 system, then on a third smaller Ultra system I'd
like to run Squid as an HTTPD accelerator. Then I'd like to have the Squid
cache redirect hits that are not cached to either of the two servers. I know
that Squid now has the "Network Probe Database", so maybe it could redirect to
the server that responds faster via the ICMP data?
If anyone has any ideas, or could explain how I might achieve this, I would be
greatly appreciative!
Thanks in advance!

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