To squid, or not to squid

From: Ralf Rudolph <>
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 1997 14:51:18 +0200

I am using squid for a few months now and I am quite happy with it: I experienced only very few problems, the system needs low maintenance and offers a very good performance. For these reasons, I´m quite sure I´m going to stay with squid.

But for other reasons, I would like to know, where are the big differences between squid and the other caching solutions, e.g. netscape and microsoft´s cache servers? I mean, apart from the fact that the others cost money...

If I told someone, "use squid if you have unix knowledge, otherwise choose between MS and NS as you like", would you tell me wrong? Are there major facts that distinguish these systems?

Thanks for any advice!

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