Re: a question on heirarchy

From: Leo David <>
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 1997 06:12:49 PDT

>> i have a server named "A" and another named "B". they have the same
>> alias/nickname which is "proxy". SQUID is executing in both server. i had
>Do you mean you have given the DNS name "proxy" two IP addresses, or
>something else? I'm not even sure its legal to do multi-homing
>with CNAMEs which is what I infer from your statement.

nope. i meant i have a server with DN "A" and another with a DN of "B" and these
two have a similar alias/nickname which is "PROXY". the only thing that is
common is the alias/nickname of these machine since they have different DN and
IP ADD. is that possible?

>> in that way, once a client has queried our proxy server named "proxy" in
>> squid.conf, it would go to either A or B because they have the same
>> nickname/alias, is this right?
>If you've done it in the DNS, the behaviour is undefined and depends
>on the behaviour and timeout periods of the clients DNS cache. There's
>a good chance many clients will pick one server and stick with it.

i had told my clients anyway to use "proxy" as their parent in their squid.conf
file. but would there be a problem? both my machines have the same
nickname/alias but different in IP and DN.

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