Re: cache-stats-1.4 HIT RATE

From: Marc van Selm <>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 13:21:20 +0100

At 11:37 AM 4/17/97 +0200, wrote:

>My problem is that if I use the cache-manager interface I get a hit rate
>of around 60%, which from rough calculations seems to be correct. The
>cache-stats-1.4 program that I run every day reports about 35% hit rate,
>but upon inspection of the code I think I know why.
>This is a part of
... deleted ...

I found the same thing. This didn't make sense. Also I found that a sibling
had only 40-50% TCP-hitrate. This doesn't make sense because, when using
ICP, a TCP request is only done when there is a hit.

>Do many people use the cache-stats-1.4 scripts, have you just modified the
>source yourselves or are you happy with the HIT rates as they are ?

I changed it a bit and included the above TCP-hits and UDP-hits in all
places where I just found TCP_HIT and UDP_HIT. Now I've done this I get a
much more realistic hitrate. (also confirmed by other tools and rough

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Marc van Selm
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