Re: I'm my own grandpa...???

From: Graham Toal <>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 00:54:15 -0500 (CDT)

> 1) squid A will always get a reply from squid B faster
> than it will from bo.cache, so all A clients traffic
> will go over link B - and vice versa. Awkward, but
> not a show stopper if that's what we get stuck with. However,
> I think I saw a reference to cache weighting - would that
> allow me to bias the selection to always use bo.cache
> rather than squid B if both replied with a miss?

Put "weight=50" after the parent declaration.

> 2) neither squid will make any direct fetches any
> more (apart from local domains). I don't know if
> this is necessarily a bad thing. I'd like to think
> it would fetch directly to sites when that gave a
> faster response than going through the national cache.
> I think Duane said I could make it ICMP ping ordinary
> web sites as part of the selection process though I
> have not been able to find this option in the docs yet.

Doesn't seem to be noticable at all...

> 3) I presume the software is smarter than this, but
> is there any chance of this recursive parenting relationship
> causing any infinite loops anywhere? When A does an
> uncoditional fetch from B, B won't pass it back to A
> will it?

Hasn't looped so far. I suspect the weight=50 isn't
hurting in that area. I await what happens when one of the
links goes down

> Normally I'd just try stuff like this out and see what
> happens, but this is now a live service with hundreds
> of users.

Oh hell, that's what 1 in the morning was invented for.
Tried it. Seems to work. I like this software.

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