Re: ERR_CANNOT_FETCH on DU 4.0 and Squid 1.1.8

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 16:59:34 PDT

>The following error was encountered:
> Unable to Retrieve
>The system returned:
> No peers to query and the host is beyond your firewall.
>The cache administrator may need to double-check the cache configuration.
>This means that:
> The requested URL can not currently be retrieved.

This is precisely the symptoms that I'm getting, that caused me
to join this list in the first place.

>kill -1 of the squid process appears to cure it for a bit.
>My assumption is as the network connection between the cache and
>the firewall is not broken, the firewall correctly connects and
>it is an intermittent problem that this is a squid and/or Digital >Unix
problem. Does anyone have any ideas ?

Well, I'm not sure if I can offer a solution, but my configuration
is Linux 2.0.27 and squid 1.1.9 (1.1.8 did the same thing), so I
think it is a squid problem rather than a UNIX specific problem.

I have found restarting the squid process worked on and off, and
even had it running as a cron job, but it's not really elegant.

I had also thought it may be a Linux problem with the number of
available ports, but I guess not. I also considered that it may
have something to do with our upstream proxy being flaky (I'm still not
convinced that it isn't). I further investigated the config files and found a
hierarchy stop-list option that had been added recently, and thought maybe
*that* was the problem. Squid tries to fetch cgi et al from the source rather
than through a parent, which in my case it can't do, because the parent is the
only way to the internet. This theory seemed consistent with the message that no
caches were queried and the host is beyond the firewall. However, it has started
happening on ordinary HTML requests, although I suspect not as frequently. The
hierarchy stop-list is still my favorite suspect because I think it only turned
up in the last version or two from what I can see. What else has changed that
might cause this problem?

Duncan Anker
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