Re: ERR_CANNOT_FETCH on DU 4.0 and Squid 1.1.8

From: Bryan Christianson <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 12:37:02 +1200

At 16:59 21/04/97 PDT, Duncan Anker wrote:
>>The following error was encountered:
>> Unable to Retrieve
>>The system returned:
>> No peers to query and the host is beyond your firewall.
>>The cache administrator may need to double-check the cache configuration.
>>This means that:
>> The requested URL can not currently be retrieved.
>This is precisely the symptoms that I'm getting, that caused me
>to join this list in the first place.

We had this problem, and I put it down to the fact that our firewall
(Netscape Proxy) is on a saturated link and is slow to respond.

By configuring Squid to look at a different proxy server on our Intranet
(also Netscape Proxy) the problem was cured.

I suspect the root cause is however Squid - not waiting long enough for a
reply from the firewall proxy before deciding that the firewall proxy is


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