Re: How to limited the IRC using proxy

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 19:42:47 PDT

>What is the format of acl for limited a site? there is no example
>in squid.conf

There ought to be. What version of squid are you running? If it's
1.0.x, I don't think access control lists were implemented. You'll
need to get 1.1

>I want to limited a chat site which can not be access 0830-1630
>monday to friday and 1200-1400 on saturday. What I should write

I haven't tried limiting on time, so this is a guess, but:

acl denychattime time MTWTF 8:30-16:30 time A 12:00-14:00
acl chatsite url_regex ^http://URL/to/chat/site

and then:

http_access deny chatsite denychattime

I forget the logic involved, I think acl is OR and access is AND
or something like that. You'll probably need to play around
with it for a while to get something you're happy with.

>Is anybody know where can I get more information about acl

I think what's in squid.conf is basically it, although you might
find something on the squid homepage.

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