Re: How to limited the IRC using proxy

From: Duncan Anker <>
Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 20:42:15 PDT

>> There ought to be. What version of squid are you running? If it's
>> 1.0.x, I don't think access control lists were implemented.
>They were - trust me, I spent many an hour in those salt mines. ;-)

Yes, so I recalled after posting my message. However, I knew there
was a reason I switched to 1.1 to do with acls. It occurs to me
now that there was no range control in 1.0 at the time. Maybe there
is now, I don't know. However, the configuration file for 1.1
certainly contains enough useful info not to have to go scratching
around too far.

>> or something like that. You'll probably need to play around
>> with it for a while to get something you're happy with.
>With a large user-base, playing around is rarely an option. :-(

Perhaps I should have said "If that doesn't work, wait until
someone who knows the exact syntax backwards (and preferably
forwards as well) posts some examples" ;-)

I'm lucky to be in the situation where despite the largish user
base, it's only students mostly visiting irrelevant sites anyway. :-)

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