Re: cache.log

From: Duane Wessels <>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 97 08:31:01 -0700

julie@tscc2.macarthur.uws.EDU.AU writes:

>my squid proxy is working. but in cache.log I keep get message as:
>[22/Apr/1997:18:02:25 +1100] comm.c:1201: commHandleRead: FD 31:
>read failure: (73) Connection reset
> by peer
>Is any thing wrong with proxy or not? What is this message meaning?
>Any comments will be appreciated

The read() system call can fail for various reasons. This is one of
them. See 'man 2 intro' (or maybe 'man -s 2 intro') on your system for
an explanation of error codes returned by read() and other system

Duane W.
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