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From: Neil Murray <>
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 08:53:50 +1000

- Maybe I'm being a little thick here but the
- squid.conf file doesn't seem entirely lucid on the
- quick_abort feature.
- I probably want something like:
- quick_abort 0 25 0
- As all I want to do is abort any transfers abandoned before
- 25% of the object is retreived but I feel like I need to be
- specifying a min-kbytes and a max-kbytes too.
- If anyone can clarify this for me and so save me some
- experimentation on a working setup I'd much appreciate it.

        The priority of of the options on the quick_abort line is described in
the squid.conf comments, though if the length of the object exceeds the
"Content-length:" header it will abort the fetch anyway.

        1st - min kbytes
        2nd - max kbytes
        3rd - percent

        Have a look in icp.c CheckQuickAbort2()

        WRT your question, parameters of 0 25 0 mean, no min kbytes to
continue (ie: always failure this test), will always be > max kbytes remaining
so the transfer will be aborted immediately. Which is not what you wanted.

        If you really want to allow all transfers to complete as long 25%
of the download has occurred then you want something like.

        quick_abort 0 25 1000000

which will allow all transfers to complete as long as they have transferred
at least 25% and have less than 1Gbyte left to go.

        This can result in squid downloading some very large items that no-one
is actually waiting for.

        I think that having a max kbytes greater than maximium_object_size is
wasting resources as squid will not retain the resulting object if it is
bigger than maximum_object_size anyway. So you lose all that bandwidth for
a time period with no resultant gain at all.

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