Accelerator Cache as a Parent Cache?

Date: 23 Apr 97 17:40:29 -0700

Duane & Anthony & Henny,
Thanks you very much for your replies to my enquiry!
In my first email I may have used the term "load balancer" too literally. My
intent really was to keep the older system I have around as an "online backup"
where in the event the new high powered server has problems, there would be
redundancy. So I would think that by having both servers act as parents, yet
the new server more heavily weighted, this should provide the functionality I
am looking for?? Are there any problems or performance issues doing this?
I appreciate the suggestions regarding the Cisco Load Balancer, yet my exact
intention was to try to avoid a dedicated hardware solution, and try to make
Squid/Harvest cache do this somehow.
The round robin DNS is also a great idea, yet I would really rather keep most
of the traffic going against the new server, unless its on its knees. I am
very interested in this approach though for other applications, do you know of
any documentation on how to set this up?
Finally as I mentioned in another note today, what is the exact syntax for
adding additional virtual hosts to the httpd_accel TAGs in squid.conf? If my
original TAG was;
httpd_accel 81
how would I specify two other virtual hosts and all of which are served from the same httpd server?
Thanks in advance for your help!

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