Re: Cant load squid 1.1.19 on boot

From: Terry Wood <>
Date: Sun, 27 Apr 1997 11:23:55 +1000

At 11:12 27/04/97 -0500, you wrote:


>Others seem to hve sent you good suggestions, but your REAL problem is caused
>by the 'Permission denied' errors.
>Check the ownership and permissions of the Squid directories, relative to the
>cache_effective_user you have set in squid.conf.

Yes i agree with you with the permissions issue which is why i fiddled with
the permissions like making squid rx to all and suid root, etc.

What had me stumped was that as root in a shell i could start squid without
a problem in the world, but in the rc.local it would fail complaining about
permissions and paths. On bootup doesnt the system assume root access when
running rc. files?

Anyway im going to try the RunCache command in the rc.local like Steve
mentioned and ill try that nohup aswell if that dont work (I loath dropping
my link to reboot to test it!:)..

As for the things you asked Ed:

jart[11:16am]/usr/local/squid/etc# grep effect squid.conf
# has the effect such that UDP query packets are sent to
# TAG: cache_effective_user
# If the cache is run as root, it will change its effective/real
#cache_effective_user nobody nogroup
cache_effective_user nobody nobody
jart[11:16am]/usr/local/squid/etc# id nobody
uid=99(nobody) gid=99(nobody)

Thanks for your help guys.

Catch ya,
          Woody <>

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