Performance problems

From: David Richards <>
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 15:56:23 +1000 (EST)


        Well, I have upgraded our proxy/cache to 1.1.9 about two weeks
ago. Since then it has been running great.....until......

        We did have it configured to use 2 x 2Gb caches(4gig in total),
then it all went wrong, we re-configured it to use 2 x 3.5Gb cached (7gig
in total) then it started running like a dog. So, while we tried to
figure out the problem we dropped the cache size back down to it's
original size. But, it is still running really badly.

        We have 64 first level swap cache directories and 64 second level
cache swap dirs. Memory pools on. cache_mem set to 40 meg.

        Does anyone have any ideas??

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