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From: AIS Technical Staff <>
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 1997 17:48:28 -0400


        I searched through the archives and the scattered documentation and could not
find an answer to my question...

        I just installed Squid 1.1.9 on BSD 2.1 system, running Apache web server.
The performance increase as an accelerator has been significant, but our users
are already frustrated with the URLs they are getting (not to mention problems
with registering URLs with Search Engines that verify the URL).

        The URLs are always sent back to the browser with the :81 port information,
ie: -> http:/

        How can I prevent the URL from having the port attached and sent back to the
web browser?

        Any help would be appreciated. Thank you! :-)

Applied InterNet Solutions - Systems Engineer

     Jeremy T. Elston
Received on Tue Apr 29 1997 - 15:01:54 MDT

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