proxy to proxy config

From: Leo David <>
Date: Mon, 05 May 1997 15:12:08 PDT

greeting squid-ers!

i am figuring out how to config squid in proxy to proxy relationships, parent to

child proxy config:
   cache_host <my_proxy_server> parent 8080 3130

parent proxy config:
   acl A src <IP_ADD_of child_proxy_A>/32
   acl B src <IP_ADD_of child_proxy_B>/32
   icp_access allow A
   icp_access allow B

QUESTION: is this setting enough for child proxies to make queries to the
parent; [1] if found, sends that object to the child proxy and consequently
caching it there, [2] if not found, the parent goes DIRECT to the source,
fetches and caches the object, delivers it to the requesting child proxy, and
consequently caching it there. i have to add this?
   http_access allow A
   http_access allow B

another thing;
could i use wildcards in the refresh_pattern TAG, like:
instead of:
   refresh_pattern/i \.jpg$ 30 80% 43200
   refresh_pattern/i \.jpe$ 30 80% 43200
   refresh_pattern/i \.jpeg$ 30 80% 43200
i could do this:
   refresh_pattern/i \.jp*$ 30 80% 43200

how about those sites that are frequently changing within 24-hrs., how could i
refresh these sites in this TAG, could you give me a sample line.



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