Re: URL_REGEX case insensitive?

From: Arjan de Vet <>
Date: Tue, 6 May 1997 00:29:33 +0200 (MET DST)

Kevin Fink:

>Splay trees are just a fancy way of building binary trees. Since acls are
>not dynamic once they have been loaded, splay trees are a waste of time.

>In addition, simple binary trees are a very inefficient way of searching
>URLs. They will certainly be better than a linear linked list, but not

That depends on what you mean exactly by URL. If you want to block complete
sites you can use the names. A (balanced) binary tree with names is in my
opinion rather efficient.

If you want to search on URL regex's (e.g. blocking partial sites), that's
indeed a problem.

>fast enough for a large list on a production server. There are ways to do
>very fast searches on large lists, but they require careful attention to
>the problem space and result in extensive changes to the code.

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