Re: URL_REGEX case insensitive?

From: Kevin Fink <>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 20:17:17 -0700 (PDT)

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Arjan de Vet wrote:

> In article
> <> you
> write:
> >What would be useful for this is possibly making a utility to scan news
> >messages for url's and removing those (using the util to scan newsgroups
> >like However I think you'd run
> >into ACL lists that are so long squid slows down to a crawl. *IS* there a
> Use the splay tree or binary tree option in src/Makefile when using long
> ACL lists for blocking sites. And let me know if they work OK :-), Ed
> Knowles and I have put a lot of effort in it.
> >limit on the amount of ACL lists squid has?
> As far as I know all ACL's are dynamically created.

There is no hard-coded limit. However, I doubt very much that without a
lot of code changes you can put big lists into squid. In fact, we've
verified this with practical experience... :-).

Splay trees are just a fancy way of building binary trees. Since acls are
not dynamic once they have been loaded, splay trees are a waste of time.
In addition, simple binary trees are a very inefficient way of searching
URLs. They will certainly be better than a linear linked list, but not
fast enough for a large list on a production server. There are ways to do
very fast searches on large lists, but they require careful attention to
the problem space and result in extensive changes to the code.


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