Three qs abort statistics

From: Ralf Rudolph <>
Date: Wed, 07 May 1997 17:56:39 +0200

Good day, alltogether,
I have two short questions about squid statistics:

First Question:

With cachemgr I can easily get the usage statistics as an average since the last squid startup. But I need this Information calculated on a daily basis. Do I have to shut down and restart squid completely, or is there another way to reset these statistics?

And the second Question:

I would like to analyze the current cache contents to get a table to tell me what filetypes take up what percentage of the cache, and how old these files are (this gives a 3-dimensional table). Most of the Information I need is in the metadata file. But I also need to know for how long a document has been in the squid cache (the "age" in this case is not the real document age, but the age how long it was in my cache).

From the upgrade-script, I read the meaning of the different columns in the metadata file as "filenumber", "timestamp", "expires", "lastmodified", "size" and "url". Nothing tells me when this file entered my cache. Do I have to get down to the physical file and ask for its creation date, or do I oversee something? I have about 300.000 objects in the cache, and accessing every single file will slow down things significantly.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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