[ed@texas.net: disk usage and 1.1.10-NOVM ?]

From: Edward Henigin <ed@dont-contact.us>
Date: Thu, 8 May 1997 16:28:28 -0500

        My disk usage problems are continuing..

/usr/local/squid/etc$ egrep '^cache_swap' squid.conf
cache_swap 300
/usr/local/squid/etc$ du -sk ../cache
456041 ../cache

        under solaris 2.5.1, squid 1.1.10-NOVM.

        I've just added:

debug_options 20,9

        to squid.conf and HUP'd, now let's see...

        hrmm... now that I've HUP'd the server, the disk usage is down
below 300M:

/usr/local/squid/etc$ du -sk ../cache/
299272 ../cache

        I believe something is broken in 1.1.10-NOVM. I'll leave
20,9 debugging on for a while and see what happens...


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Date: Sun, 4 May 1997 21:49:54 -0500
From: Edward Henigin <ed@texas.net>
To: squid-users@nlanr.net
Subject: disk usage and 1.1.10-NOVM ?
	Are there any known problems with 1.1.10-NOVM and disk usage?
	I've got two boxes, each running around the same amount of time,
each set with a cache_swap of 300, and both had ~750M in the cache/
directory by the time I caught them.
	One of the cache.log logfiles has multiple instances of this:
97/05/04 16:11:21| WARNING: Repeated failures to free up disk space!
97/05/04 16:11:21| storeGetSwapSpace: Disk usage is over high water mark
97/05/04 16:11:21| --> store_swap_high = 20137 KB
97/05/04 16:11:21| --> store_swap_size = 21197 KB
97/05/04 16:11:21| --> asking for        0 KB
97/05/04 16:11:21| diskHandleWrite: FD 471: disk write error: (28) No space left on device
97/05/04 16:11:21| storeAppendDone: ERROR -6 for 'http://plants.usda.gov/plants/servpush/!photosel_push.cgi'
	If there's any more debug I can do to help track this down,
let me know, I'd like to figure this out..
	Ed Henigin
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