ICP not starting with Squid??

Date: 12 May 97 18:05:53 -0700

I am testing an architecture that will use three squid caches on three
seperate systems. One of them is just a sibling and has two parents defined;
(this host acts as the "front end" for the other 2 servers)
Server #1 (sibling)
cache_host no-exit.us.oracle.com parent 81 3130 weight=20
cache_host tcarchive.us.oracle.com parent 81 3130 weight=2
When this Squid cache starts, I get a line in the log file that says;
"Accepting ICP connections on FD 17"
The other two Servers run Squid as an HTTPD accelerator and each of those
caches just have the other two caches listed as siblings;
Server #2 (parent #1)
cache_host redline.us.oracle.com sibling 81 3130
cache_host no-exit.us.oracle.com sibling 81 3130
Server #3 (parent #2)
cache_host tcarchive.us.oracle.com sibling 81 3130
cache_host redline.us.oracle.com sibling 81 3130
When I start the Squid caches on servers 2 and 3, there are no lines echoed to
the logfiles that say anything about "Accepting ICP connections on FD . . ."
I have stared at all three squid.conf files for hours now, yet I cannot figure
out why the ICP "Listening" services do not start on servers 2 and 3. Am I
missing something?? What would cause this??
Thanks in advance!

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