Zero size objects

From: Ralf Rudolph <>
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 14:57:59 +0200

"Rania Fakhoury" <> wrote:
>Using 1.1.9+fixes on our proxy, I can consistently replicate this user's
>complaint regarding Yahoo:
>:doesn't work through the proxy server (using lynx or netscape). I
>:haven't looked at the network data.
>Without proxy, URL is OK. Is this a Yahoo problem or a Squid problem?

The above URL works fine for me (Linux 2.0.29 and squid 1.1.8), but I do have exactly the same problem with some other URLs. For example, , a big german magazine, had the zero-sized-object problem 3 days ago. Today, it works fine. The same goes for some (not all!) private homepages on

When such a problem comes up, it remains consistent for a few days (maybe while it is cached?), but after a few days it simply goes away. Maybe some corrupt data is beeing stored in the cache?

This is a BIG problem for me, too. But how can it be investigated and corrected? Any Comments and help are welcome!

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