RE: squid 1.1.10 is FORKING?

From: Rania Fakhoury <>
Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 15:46:00 +0300

Yes unlinkd is run (it is with brackets).

Do you think I need more RAM?

 On Wed 14 May, 1997, Rania Fakhoury <> wrote:
>No I am not using RunCache.=20
>It forks with me (with 2 * 100Mb process) two days ago. I am using 2 =
>squid cache (sibling one other) on the same machine with different IP.

(and different udp port i hope!)

Squid does not fork during usage, only to run ftpget and unlinkd.

It might be that your OS isn't indicating that unlinkd was run.
I note that mine show it in brackets, meaning that there was no argv[0]
information around.

If you're worried about it, look at the start times of the processes.
Look at the RSS sizes of them. Trace them, see what they're doing.

-- jrg.
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