Cache Access Denied

From: Wilyono Jusuf <>
Date: Mon, 19 May 1997 16:28:05 +0700 (JVT)


I'm a new Squid user.
After successfully installing and running the squid,
I tried to access the web interface by copying
cachemgr.cgi to the web server's cgi-bin directory.

But everytime I tried to log in,
I always got this message:

        ERROR:HTTP/1.0 400 Cache Access Denied
        Content-type: text/html

        <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Cache Access Denied</TITLE></HEAD>
        <H2>Access Denied</H2>
        Sorry, you are not currently allowed to request
        <PRE> cache_object://</PRE>
        From this cache. Please check with the
        <A HREF="">cache administrator</A>
        if you believe this is incorrect.

Did I miss something here?

Wilyono Jusuf - Network Administrator
ien - Indonesia Education Network
Received on Mon May 19 1997 - 02:27:18 MDT

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