Re: Squid listening to multiple ports?

From: Lincoln Dale <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 1997 18:51:17 +1000

> Whoops cancel that ... have moved a step further but problem has gotten
> worse.
> Have recompiled SQUID with the patch supplied by Lincoln at:
> which seem to
> patch OK ..
> However when it becomes time to re-run Squid we get the following in
> cache.log:
> 97/05/20 15:35:09| Rebuilding storage from disk image in /usr/local/squid/ca
> che
> 97/05/20 15:35:11| Accepting ICP connections on FD 17.
> 97/05/20 15:35:11| Ready to serve requests.
> FATAL: Received Segment Violation...dying.
> 97/05/20 15:35:11| storeWriteCleanLog: Not currently OK to rewrite swap
> log.
> 97/05/20 15:35:11| storeWriteCleanLog: Operation aborted.
> There seemed to be a few comm.c erros when compiling .. are these
> important?

make sure you do a 'make clean'. the patch makes changes to cache_cf.h which effectively alters what (other) object files believe are locations of various strings.

you shouldn't get any comm.c errors either. by the sounds, the patches didn't go in cleanly (ie. the patch application failed). i've previously seen people incorrectly apply the patch, and end up with a comm.c that doesn't reference theHttpConnection as an array. make sure this is the case.

the patch was generated on a digital unix box, it applies cleanly to that. i guess all 'patch'es aren't equal.


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